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We live in an advanced world where information is crucial. If you are a landlord and a tenant asks you to verify to a third party that they reside in a specific address, there isn’t a reason not to honor the request.

If you get requested to write a landlord proof of residency letter, it is essential to get all the information needed before starting. Find out why you got the request, who is the document's recipient, what kind of data they want, and when the tenant needs the letter ready.

It is recommended to look for a sample proof of residency letter from the landlord to get the job done correctly, on time. CocoDoc hosts a vast library of landlord verification letter templates that you can easily edit, customize and embed a digital signature on the go.

What Is a Landlord Proof of Residency Letter?

A landlord proof of residency letter is a formal document with factual statements, other than a lease, agreeing to the fact that a person lives in a specific address. Along with the proof of rent document, a proof of residence letter is also provided.

The landlord’s statement in verifying the rent letter should be sufficient to satisfy the requesting party’s needs. However, if additional proof is needed and a lease document is available, it should get attached to the landlord verification letter.

A good practice that’s highly recommended is to have the landlord sign the landlord statement in a notary public’s presence to add authenticity. Besides residency, the landlord's other relevant information includes the rent amount and, if possible, the lease document details.

What Details Are Provided in a Landlord Proof of Residency Letter?

When filling out a proof of residency letter, it is good practice to use a personalized approach and answer the asked questions. The following information is what to include in a letter of residency from the landlord:

  • Landlord’s Details: The letter should include the full name and contact details of the landlord. Such information is crucial if the organization requesting the letter of residency needs to reach out to the landlord for verification purposes.
  • Property Information: A proof of rent letter should list address details of the tenant's residency place. Also, the landlord has to attest that they are the property's legal owners and have rented or leased it to the tenant.
  • Tenant Details: A proof of residency letter from the landlord should state the full name of the tenant leasing or renting the property.
  • Date: The document must have the date on which the landlord signed the landlord’s affidavit of residence to ensure it is within the validity period.
  • Signature: For the requesting party to confirm that the landlord agrees with the statements written in the letter of residency, a landlord’s signature should be provided in the end.
  • Witness Acknowledgement: At least two witnesses should also provide their signatures to give the landlord statement letter complete authenticity. It is best if you also have the landlord’s affidavit of residence notarized.

Other crucial data that you may include in a proof of residency letter from the landlord include who else lives on the premises, the amount of rent paid by the tenant, or the terms of the lease (the date of moving in and termination), and who else is on the lease.

Suppose your tenant is unsure about the exact information needed by the company requesting a landlord statement. In that case, it is recommended to take the general approach and provide information you feel should be relevant to the recipient.

When Does One Need a Landlord Proof of Residency Letter?

A landlord statement is written by a landlord and is mainly used by tenants to prove to a requesting party that they live in the provided address. Here are some common cases when you may be required to produce a proof of residency letter from the landlord:

  • Employment: A landlord may write a proof of tenancy document when their tenant is seeking work at an organization. The letter verifies the information provided by the applicant, including their address.
  • Education: Parents and guardians may need to provide a letter of residence from the landlord when admitting their child to a new education system or school to prove their residency address.
  • DMV License: When applying for a vehicle registration certificate or a driving license, a person may need to submit a proof of residency letter from the landlord.


The proof of residency letter from the landlord is vital for tenants when proving they reside in a particular address. When requested for a letter of residency, you can get a proof of residency letter from the landlord template at CocoDoc.

With your template, use CocoDoc's features and pdf tools to customize, edit, fill out, sign, and share the proof of rent letter from the comfort of your home or office. The tool is free, easy to use, offers multiple format options and safe encryption of your files.

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