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In today’s modern world, there are many instances where one may be required to produce documentation to prove their residence location. Different companies and state departments may need verification of the person’s residence address from a family member.

One of the documents to prove that an individual comes from a specific family and resides at a particular address is the proof of residency letter from the parent. It must include the date of the period the person has been living with the family on the premises.

An easier way of preparing such documents is to look for proof of residency letter from a family member sample. Platforms like CocoDoc allow you to become creative, and you can download for free a sample letter stating that someone lives with you.

The document management solution allows you to edit and transform your living arrangements letter with liberty. And, it hosts an extensive collection of templates to choose from according to your preferences.

What Is a Family Member Proof of Residency Letter?

A family member proof of residency letter is a document verifying that an individual resides in a particular address as a family member of the one writing the letter. In most cases, the family member is usually a parent, guardian, or grandparent.

Commonly, many laws will ask that the letter stating financial support family members include the start date or total time the person has lived on the property.

Proof of residency letter from the parent gets often used to prove an individual's residency to a school, university, or the state government department.

What Is Provided in a Letter Stating Financial Support Family Member?

All the information provided in the proof of residency letter from a family member should be relevant. The document contains information about the sender and the person providing the residence location. Here’s what to include:

  • Sender’s Details: For this purpose, the sender is the person writing and signing the proof of a child residency letter on behalf of the individual that needs to prove they live at an address and belongs to the sender's family. The form should have the sender's full name, contact information, and the date they signed.
  • Statement of Acknowledgement: The sender fills in the name of the person whose residence they want to prove, acknowledging that the individual resides at that address and is a family member of the sender. They must indicate the date of the time the person began their residence.
  • Signatures: A proof of residency letter from a parent should include the sender's and witnesses' signatures. However, if the document will get notarized, it isn't a must for the witnesses to sign. For signatories who are far away, it is possible to sign the letter remotely with CocoDoc.
  • Notary Public Signature: it is highly advisable to get the rent-free letter from parents signed and stamped by a notary officer to add to its authenticity.

How to Prove Residency If You Live with Your parents or in a Relative’s Home?

The following are the steps to take when a family member wants to prove that an individual resides at a specific address:

  • Download the Proof of Residency Letter from Parent

First, you must download proof of residency letter from a family member template from the CocoDoc website. It is a convenient process because CocoDoc has a simplified user interface, and you can get the form with a single click of a button.

  • Fill the Document Appropriately

Proof of residency letter from family member sample has empty fields for the sender to fill with the required data. The information must be entered correctly and should match that in the evidence documents you are submitting.

  • Fill the Declaration

The sender must sign the statement or declaration acknowledging that the person in question is their family member and lives with them on the property.

  • Notarize the Letter

After the sender and witnesses have completed their tasks, the notary public takes control of the family member's proof of residency letter. The notary public officer will provide his or her signature and seal to increase validity and authenticity.

It is crucial to note that providing false claims can get the sender sued for perjury.


Writing a proof of residency letter from a family member shouldn’t be daunting. It is a simple document to create, and you can even get free templates from CocoDoc. The platform allows you to add and edit information on forms to suit your needs.

Therefore, you should feel free to check out CocoDoc's library and get a living arrangements letter sample to prove one of your family members' residency.

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