DMV Proof of Residency Letter

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What Is a DMV Proof of Residency Letter?

A DMV proof of residency letter is a third party's sworn statement claiming that an individual resides at an address. The affidavit of residency is often required by the Department of Motor Vehicle when applying for street parking or getting a driver’s license.

Most U.S. states require driver's license applicants to provide a DMV affidavit of residency and at least two proofs of residency. These residency proofs can be utility bills, other government IDs, or any valid document with the resident's name and address.

The DMV proof of address letter is commonly written by employers or landlords. They need to attach additional documents such as IRS Form W-4 (for employees) or lease agreements (for tenants) to provide additional evidence.

Other documents that may get accepted to prove a person's residency include the cell phone bill, bank statement, health insurance card, paycheck, etc. It’s recommended to notarize the DMV affidavit of residency letter if there isn’t any additional evidence to accompany it.

When Do You Need a DMV Proof of Residency Letter?

An affidavit of residency may be needed to certify that an individual is a resident of the state in various circumstances. A DMV proof of address document is mainly required to obtain a driver's license, ID card, or instruction permit.

Other instances when a DMV affidavit is needed include when:

  • An employee can’t produce a pay stub; a letter from their employer may suffice.
  • A tenant lacks a rental agreement, and only other arrangements like verbal exist; their landlord may provide the letter.
  • A resident is in the care of a homeless shelter or other related living conditions; their residency can get certified by a letter from a non-profit organization.
  • An individual doesn't have a lease agreement but lives with roommates; they can prove their residency claims.

What Information Is Included in DMV Proof of Residency Letter?

Proving residency relies on the resident collecting as many 3rd party’s documents and personal testimonials as possible and if needed. It depends on the type of residency that the individual wants to prove.

If a person is writing a letter to acknowledge their residency status, it's critical to use the standard affidavit of residency. It's also recommended that the letter gets signed in a notary public's presence or at least one witness if an individual is writing their affidavit.

Writing a DMV proof of residency letter requires an individual to provide their full legal name, the street address of the location they reside presently, and a legally binding oath about the provided data's authenticity.

The proof of address form includes a header at the top, centered, in a bold font, and should read "DMV Affidavit of Residence." All applicants have to keep in mind that the letter is a legal document and requires everything to be formal.

Another critical piece of information required in a DMV proof of residency document is a declaration statement requiring attention. The statement that makes up the affidavit needs to be satisfied with the info it requests.

Naturally, the signing party needs to prove they are indeed making the statement, and that's in the form of a signature. The document will also need two witnesses to sign and add their print names.

Lastly, the DMV proof of residency letter must include a notary seal placed by a notary officer.


The way a person states his or her proof of address makes or breaks their deal. It's thus critical for an individual to learn how to draft one. Reading the above guide is undoubtedly an essential way of setting out a DMV proof of residency letter.

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